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In this workshop we'll explore; swing, bop, post bop, cool, latin, fusion and contemporary jazz styles. It's ideal if you've already had experience playing and improvising.  Some topics include:

  • How to memorize Tunes

  • Working with Fakebooks

  • Creating Chord/Melody arrangements

  • Transcribing

  • Comping in various styles including; Charleston, Bossa Nova, Montuno, Modern 

  • Melodic phrasing 

  • Chord/Scales -  Major, Melodic minor, Harmonic minor, Harmonic major (including the subsets; Pentatonic, Hexatonic and hybrids) as well as Octatonic (diminished), Augmented and Whole-tone 

  • Understanding Chord/Scale Choices

  • Wide Interval playing

  • Arpeggios

  • Triads / Dyads  (upper structure triads, triad-pairs)

  • Note Per String organizing principles 

  • Chromaticism - Targeting (enclosure), Ornaments


  • Generalized Objects and Operators

Time and location TBA

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